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Anyone who adopts a pet can learn about faith, hope and love

Anyone who adopts a pet can learn something about faith, hope and love – Christopher S. Wren

Does anyone told you that if you adopts or get a pet, you can learn something about faith, hope and love from them. Have we ever seem our pets release their anger by using the hardest way? They can choose to bite us but they choose not to because their mission is to show us what is the mean of love, faith and hope in this world.

They recognized that we provide for them what they cannot provide for themselves. They love us for the kindness of that responsibility. In return, we love them for the joy and affection. It is a perfect, constantly renewing circle . (John O’ Hurley)

Do remember that pets are healers. They are enlightened us by showing us how to live beautifully so much better than we humans have. While we struggle to figure out why we were put here on Earth, all pet wants is to love and be loved – a powerful lesson for us all. (Dr. Bernie S. Siegel)

For those who yet have a pet, why not get give yourself a change to adopt one and try to learn something about from them?








Every dog need a family…..

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”
~ Jane Howard~

Every human or animal need a family. Without a family,we can’t trace the main root from our ancestor and we can’t even know where we come from and why we will be here….Family give us strength, hope and unconditioned love.  It will  the same when we applied to dog too…

Do you know that far too many dogs have no one to love them, while some dogs are lucky enough to have someone who does, but it is the rare dog that is truly loved by unconnected people. (Daniel James, “The Rescued”, Chicken Soup for the soul).

Do treat our furry friends as part of our family member too. Don’t ever mistreat them. If we need love from our family, so do them too…. Let’s give them an opportunity to live to fullest…..

Every dog need a family

Happy Easter Day!

Happy Easter Day to everyone!

Happy Easter Day

Pray For Miracle To MH370

Where are you, MH370 ? Wherever you (MH370) right  now, we hope you will bring all 239 passengers whom are on boards with you back safety to their families , friends and beloved pets. They have been anxiously waiting for your safety arrival since 3 days ago on 8th March 2014 at 01:30. Don’t you miss them too, MH370?

Let’s pray and hope for miracle will happen for MH370!

Pray For Miracle To MH370



Happy Valentines Day!


14/02/2014 is not an ordinary Valentines Day. Today will be view as extra special day for all lovebirds coincides with the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration, known as “Chap Goh Meh”. This called “double celebration” of Valentines Day for Western and Chinese culture.

It only happened once every 19 years. The next upcoming of “double celebration”  Valentines Day will only occur in 2033 ! During this event, don’t just only give your kisses or love to your wife, husband, kids and etc, there are still many thousand furry friends out there waiting for your unconditioned love for this special moment too.

Do spread your love  to your canines and felines too . Shower them with good shelter, foods and water and most important is the trust and caring.

Happy Valentines Day

The Myths Quarrel of the Cat and Dog

The myths why cat cannot go along with dog….

The quarrel between cat and dogAccording to a Jewish fairy tale, in the infancy of the world, the dog and the cat were the greatest of friends. They lived together, play together and shared each other food. It seemed that nothing could ever come between them.

Then someday, a winter come. The world grew cold and hard and food became scarce. Hunger made the dog melancholy, while the cat grew peevish and petulant. Finally, the cat proposed that since there was no longer enough food to be had for both of them, they should go their separate ways. She told the dog that she intended to go alone to the house of Adam to rid his house of mice.

The dog was deeply hurt, but the cat said solemnly, “We must each take an oath never to cross the other path. That is the proper way to terminate a business agreement. The serpent says so, and he is the wisest of all animals.”

The cat duly went to the house of Adam, and grew fat and comfortable, while the dog wandered over the frozen ground, exhausted, starving and lonely, of use to neither wolf nor sheep. One night, he came to a house and begged a morsel of food from the owner. Later that evening he woke the man to warn him that wild animals were attacking his home. ‘Good dog’, said the man. ‘You are a wise animal. Stay with me always. You will find Father Adam kind.’

‘Father Adam!’ cried the dog, in alarm. ‘ I must not stay here’.

‘I say you must,’ answered Adam, and the dog was compelled to obey. In the morning, the cat learned that the dog had joined the household and she was angry.

‘The dog has violated our oath. He swore not to come to the place where I am,’ she said.

‘There is ample room for you both,’ Adam replied. But the cat hissed and spat her disapproval, while the dog stood dejectedly, with his tail between his legs. As time went on, the dog could bear it no longer.

‘I must leave you, Father Adam,’ he said. ‘The cat is making my life unbearable. I shall go to the house of Seth.’

‘Are you sure that you cannot make friends with the cat?’ asked Adam.

‘I would do so with pleasure, if she would let me, but alas she will not.’

‘In that case,’ said Adam, ‘you will be quarreling for ever.’ And ever since that time the cat and dog have failed to agree.

Sources: J.A. Wines , Dogs’ Miscellany, Michael O’Mara Books Limited , 2013

All They Ask Is Just The Basic Things….

All they ask for is the most basic shelter, food and water, and in return, they give us unbounded, unflinching affection.

-Leo Mckinstry, from “Daily Mail”, February 18, 2003-

All the pets never request us to give them the most luxury items or stuff. All they want is just a basic shelter, food, water and caring from us. In return, they will give us their unbounded, unflinching affection.

Do take an example of the street dog. When you provide them just the basic clean food and water, they will wag their tails so happily to thank us. Before you reach their place, they already sense it and will wait anxiously to welcome you…. Doesn’t it so miracle and blessed?

Please don’t compare and judge between ‘luxury’ and ‘non-luxury’ pets! Treat them equally and you will gain the greatest love of all from them…

All they ask for is the most basic things

Happy Chinese New Year !

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Let’s welcome the year of horse with full of passion and care toward our four awesome furry paws…

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Dog’s Rules To Human

We always heard that we need to set certain rules for dogs. How about dog’s rule to human? Any simiarity between dog’s rule and human’s rule?

Guess their rules are simplifier compare to human’s rule, right?!



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