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You Are The Heart Of Your Dog’s Universe

“Whoever else thinks you are of little worth – to your dog you are the heart of his universe.” -Pam Brown, B. 1928

Dogs never look down of this master and we, as human, shouldn’t look down about ourselves too. Do remember that a worthy person can only bring up the calm and submissive mind to our canines. A little change in our mentality can help our dogs and us to spark the outlook of the world.¬† Do remember, dogs and us are a gem of this world.

With positive outlook and approach, we can get the best companion in the world….

Your are the heart of dog's universe


Masterpiece of You….

Have you found out a masterpiece of your pets?

Found out this song so meaningful and beautiful written as it does stated the pets of mind whom had actually found special masterpiece of us…

Masterpiece” is a 1992 song written by Kenny Nolan and performed by Atlantic Starr.

Masterpiece Of Pets“Masterpiece”

A simple touch of your hand,
And everything is right.
The gentle way you look at me,
When we kiss goodnight.
You’ve given me the freedom no other love has known
And now I thank you girl , thank you girl

The countless ways you’ve touched my heart
Is more than I can say
The beauty that you’ve shown to me
takes my breath away
A picture perfect painting, that’s what our love is
And yes I need you so, and now I know

I’ve found a masterpiece in you
a work of art it’s true
And I treasure you my love
I’ve found a masterpiece in you
a work of art it’s true
And I treasure you

Sometimes I wonder what I’d be
Had I not found you
A lost and lonely soul this world
could show me nothing new

But now my life’s a canvas
painted with your love
And it will always be
And now I see

The two of us together
Through time will never part
This fairy tale we sharing
is real inside our hearts
let it be forever
never let it end
this promise I do make
Heaven is ours to take

[Repeat chorus]

When I’m lost and insecure
you build me up and make me sure
that everything will turn out right
My love

[Repeat chorus]

(This fairy tale we’re sharing
is real inside our hearts
Let it be forever
never let it end)


A house is not a home until it has a dog…..

A house is not a home until it has a dog. – Gerald Durrell-

Well, who will not agree this statement ? Dogs and human beings have been drawn together by working together toward a shared aim, shared values and a sense of joyous fraternity within fifteen thousand years ago. This scenario will create a thinking mind from human saying like “Hey, this kind of portion could work” toward dogs.

So, let’s welcome a dog to home!

A house is not a home until you get a dog



Dog Motivate Us To Be Adventurous

They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and loyal – Tom Hayden-

Owning a dog not only able to motivate you to exercise more with them, they can inspire you to seek more fun, adventurous and loyal too through their behavior and senses.


The Main Key Of Friendship Ingredient From Dog

To create a friendship with dog does not need a big junk of smile nor the joy of companionship, just follow the simple spiritual inspiration…believing and wiling to trust them are enough for them.

To dogs, you are the leader of the pack, their savior and guiding light. You are the beautiful, warm, nurturing star around which their world revolves, the emotional center of their universe. (Bradley Trevor Greive & Rachel Hale, Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, 2009 )

main key of friendship ingredient


Dog don’t care your riches…

Owning a dog already make you rich from the bottom of your heart because dog will not care how little money and how great possessions you own. They just want your love, caring and understanding because dog’s life is very simple….you’re their everything…

dog care your life

Pup can feel the love without words….

Giving love to pup does not require any words or description. They can feel it through our voices and soft human touch….


Dog gives true smile to everyone….

“A dog smiles with its whole face – ears, eyes, nose, whiskers, mouth, tongue” – Pam Brown, B. 1928

Dogs are fundamentally social creatures. They appreciate togetherness and they care about others.Their devotion is pure and sincere.

True smile from dog

The aim in dog’s life is to bestow his heart

“A dog has one aim in life. To bestow his heart ” – J. R. Ackerley (1896 – 1967)-

Dogs live simple true life. Their only aim in life is to get true love from human’s heart. They are amazing adaptable: they somehow, somewhere manage to fit into a world easily which makes little sense to them….

Golden Retriever Puppy

Dog understand human beings naturally….

” When the world is at its dismal, dullest or darkest, your dog will insist on his walk¬† and cheer you back to sanity”
– Peter Gray, B.1928

We all know that for more than centuries, dogs and human beings have been drawn together by mutual cooperation, shared values, and a sense of joyous fraternity.

To dogs, you are the greatest love of their lives…

walking with dog

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