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Handmade Metal Frame (10cm x 4 cm) Pouch – WOOF WOOF at the Park

Handmade Metal Frame (10cm x 4cm) Pouch – WOOF WOOF at the Park

Handmade Metal Frame (10 cm x 4 cm) Pouch - WOOF WOOF

Front View

Handmade Metal Frame (10cm x 4cm) Pouch - WOOF WOOF

Back View

  SONY DSC Handmade Metal Frame Purse-WOOF WOOF at the park

No word can describe your happiness if you able to do something what you like or get something which you like and adore. This handmade metal frame pouch is personally handmade by me during the past-time as I can’t get my eyes off from it when I spotted it at the fabric shop sometime ago. The fabric design is designed by Bella BLVD  from Riley Blake Designs, called ” Puppy Park”.

I love to use this pouch because it can be used in many ways such as :

  • Smartphone/hand phone, tissue and money, lip-balm, lipsticks can be put under one root and carried it out during lunch break. No more separate pouch for specific items.
  • Put in the necessary toiletries for traveling purpose.

Features of this pouch

  • Using cotton fabric (inner and outer)
  • Fully batting and interfacing
  • 3V YKK Zipper Closure
  • Leather zipper-end
  • Installed Metal Frame

Approx Measurement:

19 cm (L) x 8 cm (W) x 7 cm (H)


Available for custom-order

Day of completion:

Around 3 to 4 days

So, a dog lover like you, I believe you would like to have one for yourself  too!

If you would like to order for this design, please do not hesitate to drop me the email at

A Dog’s Love Is Unconditional….

A dog’s love is unconditional and its companionship unsurpassed. -Annabel Goldsmith-

We can learn the meaning of unconditional love from our dogs. One of the great learning from a dog is dogs never judge our needs and they just love us through them. They always expands us because they opens us to love unconditionally and to be trusted with each other.

There is always one dog in your life that is the gatekeeper: the  one who opens your heart to others – Peter Egan

We always heard the stories about how the dog will protect their owner from the danger and will fight using their own precious life to save their master until their last breath. All these heart-breaking stories are telling us that one of life’s most valuable lessons is “Only in love we do we see true beauty”.

And if our dogs can see our true beauty, do we, as human able to see their beauty too? It can’t denied that their companionship is unsurpassed as they will never leave us alone no matter what. They will just keep us companion until the duties are ‘over’…..A dog's love is uncoditional

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