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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


Dog’s Rules To Human

We always heard that we need to set certain rules for dogs. How about dog’s rule to human? Any simiarity between dog’s rule and human’s rule?

Guess their rules are simplifier compare to human’s rule, right?!



You Are The Heart Of Your Dog’s Universe

“Whoever else thinks you are of little worth – to your dog you are the heart of his universe.” -Pam Brown, B. 1928

Dogs never look down of this master and we, as human, shouldn’t look down about ourselves too. Do remember that a worthy person can only bring up the calm and submissive mind to our canines. A little change in our mentality can help our dogs and us to spark the outlook of the world.  Do remember, dogs and us are a gem of this world.

With positive outlook and approach, we can get the best companion in the world….

Your are the heart of dog's universe

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

May Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness be yours during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I Shall Wait You Back…..

This must be a dog of natural parts given by heaven. Not matter how long or how far we have gone, our dog shall wait us to come back with full of hope. Remember “faithful Hachiko dog”, the incredible Akita dog that touch the whole world’s heart with his unwavering loyalty. It’s amazing and touching.

So, if the dog can prove us the loyalty, shall we fulfill our furry paws loyalty in return? Do come back home oftens to give our greatest love for our families, friends and furry paws!



Masterpiece of You….

Have you found out a masterpiece of your pets?

Found out this song so meaningful and beautiful written as it does stated the pets of mind whom had actually found special masterpiece of us…

Masterpiece” is a 1992 song written by Kenny Nolan and performed by Atlantic Starr.

Masterpiece Of Pets“Masterpiece”

A simple touch of your hand,
And everything is right.
The gentle way you look at me,
When we kiss goodnight.
You’ve given me the freedom no other love has known
And now I thank you girl , thank you girl

The countless ways you’ve touched my heart
Is more than I can say
The beauty that you’ve shown to me
takes my breath away
A picture perfect painting, that’s what our love is
And yes I need you so, and now I know

I’ve found a masterpiece in you
a work of art it’s true
And I treasure you my love
I’ve found a masterpiece in you
a work of art it’s true
And I treasure you

Sometimes I wonder what I’d be
Had I not found you
A lost and lonely soul this world
could show me nothing new

But now my life’s a canvas
painted with your love
And it will always be
And now I see

The two of us together
Through time will never part
This fairy tale we sharing
is real inside our hearts
let it be forever
never let it end
this promise I do make
Heaven is ours to take

[Repeat chorus]

When I’m lost and insecure
you build me up and make me sure
that everything will turn out right
My love

[Repeat chorus]

(This fairy tale we’re sharing
is real inside our hearts
Let it be forever
never let it end)


Differences viewpoint between cats and dogs

What can be view between cats and dogs  in their state of mind?

“Dogs teach us patience. Cats test our patience.”

“Dogs show us true courage. Cats demonstrate the questionable virtues of cowardly survivalism”

Whatever is it , both of these canines and felines deserve unconditioned love from human being. Give them  good tender loving care, the return will be marvelous and precious one!

difference viewpoints between cats and dogs

The Language Of Dogs

Dog does not talk a human language like us.  We are talking a language they don’t understand, and they are talking a language you don’t understand too ( Caroline Spencer, Why Does My Dog Do That?, 2013).  If you shout at your dog for barking, they will think you are barking too in doggy language.

So, why don’t create a good relationship with dog instead of shouting just as in your relationships with other humans such as friends or loved ones….

the language of dogs

Top 10 Reasons Why You Have to Own a Dog….

Can we find any excuses not to own a dog? Having a dog with us not only bring us tremendous joy, it is also a bless from heaven! This canines not only teach us to be more responsibility as an owner, they are the mirror of our reflection too.

“Dogs don’t care about doing tricks, they don’t care about winning trophies, they don’t care if their collars have ‘bling’. They don’t care if you live in a big house or even if you have a job. They care about other things… like the solidarity of the pack…like bonding with their pack leaders during migration…like exploring their world…live living in the simple joy of a single moment”. (Cesar Millan, Cesar’s Way, 2006)

top 10 reasons why you have own a dog

Who Is The Cat?

Who is the cat and what is the real description of cat? 

It might be that cat may have virtually none of the dog’s positive attributes, they neither have dog’s negative traits too. Cats will not bark, slobber or jam their snouts into the unsuspecting loins of your guests. Their graceful movement, their mobile ear and unrivaled paw are very pleasant to observe. So, what will be the opinion about cat ?

For all cat lovers,  it will be  “what is more great gifts than having a wonderful cat as companion!”…… You will never know until you get a cat!  This make….

“The cat is the animal to whom the Creator gave the biggest eye, the softest fur, the most supremely delicate nostrils, a mobile ear, an unrivaled paw and a curved claw borrowed from the rose-tree” – Colette-

who is the cat?


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