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Pup can feel the love without words….

Giving love to pup does not require any words or description. They can feel it through our voices and soft human touch….



Poem For Border Collie Dog….

Border Collie is a  natural intelligence dog that prove to protect all members of his family.  Being chosen as companion dog is a wise decision-making as this nature-beauty furry paw can work well and bring a great pleasure to everyone in the house.

border collie dog

His hair, his size, his mouth, his lugs,
Shew’d  he was nane o’Scotland’s dogs;
But whalpit some place for abroad,
Whare sailors gang to fish for cod.

His locked, letter’d, braw brass collar
Shew’d him the gentleman an’ scholar;
But though he was o’ high degree,
The fient a pride, nae pride had he;
But wad hae spent an hour caressin,
Ev’n wi’ al tinker-gipsy’s mesin:
At kirk or market, mill or smiddie,
Nae tawted tyke, tho’ e’er sae duddie,
But he wad stan’t, as glad to see him,
An’ stroan’t on stanes an’ hillocks wi’ him.

The tithe was a ploughman’s collie –
A rhyming, ranting, raving billie,
Wha for his friend an’ comrade had him,
And in freak had Luath ca’d him,
After some dog in Highland Sang,
Was made lang syne, – Lord knows how lang.

-Robert Burns, From ‘The Twa Dogs’-

Poem for a cat

A Poem for a cat……..

red cat Dear creature by the fire a-purr,
Strange idol, eminently bland,
Miraculous puss! As o’er your fur
I trail a negligible hand,
And graze into your gazing eyes,
And wonder in a demi-dream,
What mystery it is that lies,
Behind those slits that glare and gleam,
An exquisite enchantment falls
About the portals of my sense:

 Mendering through enormous halls,
I breathe luxurious frankincense….

Abstracted from Lytton Strachey, “The Cat”

Picture source :
© Vrvalerian | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Motionless cat seems like a graceful vase

“Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow” – George F. Will

Cats are very sexy and resemble a graceful vase even when motionless.


Dog gives true smile to everyone….

“A dog smiles with its whole face – ears, eyes, nose, whiskers, mouth, tongue” – Pam Brown, B. 1928

Dogs are fundamentally social creatures. They appreciate togetherness and they care about others.Their devotion is pure and sincere.

True smile from dog

The aim in dog’s life is to bestow his heart

“A dog has one aim in life. To bestow his heart ” – J. R. Ackerley (1896 – 1967)-

Dogs live simple true life. Their only aim in life is to get true love from human’s heart. They are amazing adaptable: they somehow, somewhere manage to fit into a world easily which makes little sense to them….

Golden Retriever Puppy

Dog understand human beings naturally….

” When the world is at its dismal, dullest or darkest, your dog will insist on his walk  and cheer you back to sanity”
– Peter Gray, B.1928

We all know that for more than centuries, dogs and human beings have been drawn together by mutual cooperation, shared values, and a sense of joyous fraternity.

To dogs, you are the greatest love of their lives…

walking with dog

The Dog Rule of Thumb is…

The Dog Rule of Thumb is  “Good hearts love dogs and dogs love good hearts”

Owning a dog encourages an active, gregarious lifestyle and has been shown to enhance important social skills, increase self-esteem, inculcate a sense of responsibility and compassion, help make new friends and reduce childhood obesity.

Source: Bradley Trevor Greive -Why dogs are better than cats

Dog rule of thumb

May I always walk with you…..

A beautiful heart-warming chant from dog’s inner feeling to their master….


Kitten is naturally born intrepid explorer

There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten ~ Jules Champfleury~

Kitten naturally born intrepid explorer makes many cat lovers getting more affectionate to them…..

kitten naturally born intrepid explorer


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